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Bobby Beausoleil “Lucifer Rising” (Rustblade)

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Limited edition LP version on red marble vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve with insert. “The original soundtrack for the cult film, Lucifer Rising, by Underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Composed by Bobby BeauSoleil who is joined in the performances by his prison band, The Freedom Orchestra, recorded 1975-1979 at Tracy Prison. The music of Lucifer Rising is closely linked with the occult elements with dark psychedelic mystical sounds. Bobby composed electronic sounds interspersed with interesting slow trumpet fanfares, keyboard wizardry and fine guitar solos. For sure one of influential soundtracks ever and one of the most important psychedelic ambient album of music history. Magical & essential. Artwork by Malleus.”

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Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin “Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack 40th Anniversary” (Rust Blade)

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Repressed. “Rustblade presents Claudio Simonetti and his Goblin playing and reinterpreting the score of one of the most famous horror movies of all times to celebrate 40 years of the idolised film Dawn of the Dead directed by George Romero and produced by Dario Argento. The music that accompanies the movie is a mix of prog and electronic rock full of tension and magic tribalism. Piercing guitars, Synth orchestration and virtualism give life to thousands of blood thirsty zombies. Limited Colored Vinyl Plus Gatefold Poster.”

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Coil with Black Sun Productions “The Plastic Spider Thing” (Rust Blade)

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Double LP version. “This album, featuring Coil’s music literally remixed and re-arranged in ritual form to serve as the soundtrack to the Black Sun Productions extreme performance art spectacle entitled Plastic Spider Things, following the performers’ (among who was counted John Balance himself) every move. Synths, drones, and psychedelic textures lead us on mystical tour of sex and magic, serving as a testament to the undeniable connection between Coil’s music, ritual magic, and performance art. Included with the CD is a collection of Black Sun Productions videos documenting the history of Black Sun Productions and its strong ties with Coil.”

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Phil Western “Longform” 2xLP (Rust Blade)

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Phil Western is a mainstay of the local electronic-music scene, and although his own solo efforts haven’t received as much attention as his work in Download with Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key, he has a number of excellent records to his name.

While Western has proven his proficiency with styles ranging from industrial to shoegazing rock, his latest release, the double album Longform, is an exercise in what he is arguably best at: namely, hypnotic electro built from lush layers of synthesizer tones over a variety of creatively deployed but generally unobtrusive rhythms. The focus here isn’t so much on the beats as on the often psychedelic interaction of samples and live instrumentation.

Along the way, Western acknowledges his electronic-music forebears, paying homage to the likes of Can and Jean Michel Jarre. “Come and Play With Us”, for instance, is cut from the same sonic cloth as Brian Eno and David Byrne’s groundbreaking 1981 collaboration My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. (And although it’s derived from a sample of dialogue from The Shining—which featured a score by analogue-synth guru Wendy Carlos—the title also serves as a nod to the Eno-Byrne track “Come With Us”. Or maybe I’m thinking too much about it.)

For all you vinyl fetishists, Longform is available as a deluxe double LP with a gatefold sleeve in an edition of 499. If there’s any justice in this world, every copy will already be gone by the time you read this review.

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