Cloud One “Spaced Out: The Best Of Cloud One” (P&P)

2019-05-02T22:27:38+00:00May 2nd, 2019|

“Produced by the legendary Patrick Adams, the studio-bound disco unit Cloud One made its debut in 1975 with the spectacular Atmosphere Strut. At a time when most music was recorded with a full army of studio musicians, Cloud One records were mostly played, arranged and mixed in their entirety by Patrick Adams himself! The ability to ‘work on his own’ allowed the music to feel more experimental than the work he did on major labels at the time. While there’s been other compilations, this is the first official P&P collection dedicated to the work of Patrick Adams as Cloud One. Spaced Out compiles the best of Cloud One’s output with songs from their Atmosphere Strut LP, their Funky Disco Tracks EP and a number of known 12″ singles, as well as some hard-to-find titles like ‘Patti Duke’, ‘Don’t Let My Rainbow Pass Me By’, and ‘Flying High’.”

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