Original Soundtrack “La Comtesse Noire / Des Frissons Sur La Peau” (Omega Productions)

2020-03-13T20:33:47+00:00March 5th, 2020|

Two obscure soundtracks for equally obscure films directed by Euro-sex maestro Jess Franco – laid out here back to back on a single set! La Comtesse Noire has music that moves slowly, but with a nicely slinky vibe – and a fair bit of wordless female vocals that are maybe in an Edda Dell’Orso style, but also have some warmer currents too – almost jazzy at times, echoed by some jazzy paino work on one track – which makes a very surprising sound for a movie like this! Titles include “La Mort A La Bouche”, “Eromantic Jazz”, “Eromantic Lounge”, “Eromantic Piano”, “Vox Intima”, and “La Comtesse Noire”. Des Frissons Sur La Peau follows with more great wordless vocals – but also maybe has more piano lines in the lead, too – echoing a very nice main melody that’s both sad-tinged and sexy – a nicely creepy blend! Titles include the funky “Viree Nocturne”, plus a few variations on the “Des Frissons” theme – and some bonus material from the sessions.

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