Panorama Channel & Pletnev “Blavatsky” (Biologic)

2020-04-03T01:02:05+00:00April 3rd, 2020|

This is the first time Lithuanian Pletnev and Russians Panorama Channel have ever officially collaborated. Three originals, two remixes, one consistent immersive vibe that envelops from the start and builds in intensity. “Blavatsky” is all mid tempos and woozy psychedelics. It’s flipped by a sublime remix from You’re Me’s Yu Su, who whips up an ageless nod to the legacy of Two Lone Swordsmen; “Eiffel Tower Syndrome” follows. Intense, edgy, and prone to paranoid flurries over a heavy driving beat before Simple Symmetry’s remix closes things out.

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Matt Karmil “STS371” (Smalltown Supersound)

2020-03-27T02:29:24+00:00March 27th, 2020|

Made primarily while on the road, the nine-track LP spans techno, electro, deep house and ambient. It’s Karmil’s second full-length on Smalltown Supersound, following 2018’s Will.

Describing his production process, the UK artist says, “I tended to record a little here and there when I could grab some time with my gear, and then do most of the arranging and choices while I was traveling about—until the end when I went to mix in one of my favourite studios, Cologne’s incredible The Brewery.”

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Moodymann “Mahogany Brown” (Peacefrog)

2020-03-20T19:53:45+00:00March 19th, 2020|

The debut Peacefrog album from Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann originally released in 1998 is an album of truly epic proportions, a must have for any and all collectors and lovers of house music. Utilising soul, funk, gospel, and even hip-hop production techniques and alternating from mellowed-out disco dubs like “Mahogany Brown” and “Stoneodenjoe” to more raw and dirty tech-house tracks like “Me and My People’s Eyes.” Mahogany Brown delivers a slice of Black American music that affirms Kenny’s reputation as a major influence on house music today.

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