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The Chi Factory “Travel In Peace” (Astral Industries)

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J.Derwort (15/07/1952 – 11/02/2019) left all his flutes, old guitars, strange percussion and some weird found objects at the Chi Factory studio. Hanyo van Oosterom went back to Patmos in April 2019 to visit all the magic places where Chi once started. He recorded the basics for ‘Travel in Peace’. Playing and recording these handmade bamboo flutes without the master himself being there was a lonely and emotional journey. But along the way the magic connection returned and the last Chi Factory album was born. On ‘Santa Fe’ and ‘Last Breath’ samples were used of J.Derwort during his last weeks in Santa Fe, Spain. The Chi circle is now closed. Chi Factory will move on as ‘Sons of Chi’. A new platform for different collabs and new adventures in sound. The legacy will live on, so will we.

Hanyo: As J.Derwort explained by a dream he is now in a wonderful place far away and still so close. The dream came during the recordings when I asked him how he is and where he is. I saw beautiful and ever changing constructions of plants. Nothing else. No words and just a simple explanation: everything is created and connected by intuitive vegetable intelligence. The opening piece ‘Bless You’ is the last track I recorded, it reflects the memory of my dream the most. I almost decided to start all over again, but I did not. Hope you like the last Chi Factory album, thx for all your support, also to my good friend and soul brother J.Derwort this meant a lot. One love!

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The Chi Factory “The Mantra Recordings” (Astral Industries)

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Dedicated to the life and work of Robert Lax (1915-2000), the American poet who lived on Patmos, Greece, as a self-exiled hermit since the sixties. Jack Kerouac called Lax “one of the great original voices of our times, a Pilgrim in search of beautiful innocence”.

The Chi Factory would like to give special thanks to his good Patmian friends Ulf Knaus and Nikos Eliou, who showed us his house on Patmos (everything is still the same since he left) and also his favourite old wooden door (see leaflet).

His great minimalistic poetry became a source of inspiration for the Mantra Recordings. His life on Patmos was far away from public attention – quiet and always surrounded by the skies, seas, cats and birds. Lax was a real dreamcatcher.

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The Chi Factory – Red Lantern at The Kallikatsu ( Astral Industries)

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“Ive never met Rod Modell (Deepchord) in person. but we have met through music. He found an obscure cassette of Chi music (from 86). sent it to Astral Industries and paved the way for the release (30 years later) of The Original Recordings in 2016. Since then. weve exchanged ideas and good music. I sent Rod a preview of The Kallikatsou Recordings – he really liked it – and here came the idea for a remix of Lanterns. I started working on some random. lo-fi samples from Youtube. using Audacity. perhaps the simplest way of producing loops and samples. It’s the only computer based system that feels like the tape recorders I used to work with. I sent the first sketches to Rod on Facebook. but they ended up in the wrong inbox. I forgot about them. but months later he came back saying he loved them. I decided to go back to working on them. maintaining the lo-fi approach. I began manipulating the samples: time-stretching. tempo and pitch-shifting. mixing different layers and adding old-school monophonic old speaker effects. delays and loops. I used a few field recordings. voices and samples from my early ambient cassettes. and they matched. Ario from Astral Industries got involved and the experiment turned into a plan a vinyl release — Red Lantern at the Kallkatsou.”

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