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Country Teasers “Toe Rag Sessions” (Crypt)

2019-10-11T03:15:07+00:00October 11th, 2019|

14 cuts from their first recording studio sessions of Sept 2-4 1994. Originally the band recorded 23 songs but in October 1994 BEN fired the drummer and decided to re-mix everything. Dec 1994: Ben erases the drum track and re-drums it himself. Ben decides to jettison most of the songs and suggests 10 cuts for the debut so we decide on a 10” (See: Crypt-060 10”—COUNTRY TEASERS Pastoral / s/t, also reissued.) And here they are at last: the 13 tracks cut at Toe Rag that didn’t make it onto the Pastoral 10”, PLUS the original version of “Black Cloud Wandering.” In a sumptuous gatefold containing ancient pre-interWeb communication forms (letters, faxes, etc). It would have made a damned great debut album in 1994. It IS a damned great album in 2019 (and forever!).

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