Vladislav Delay

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    From Mille Plateaux to Leaf, Staubgold, and Raster-Noton, ~scape, among others, or on his own label Ripatti, the Finnish artist Sasu Ripatti, aka Vladislav Delay, has been exploring various iterations of the "dub culture vs electronica", since 1997 His sonic crafts and unique signature sound have been sought after by an eclectic...
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    Multila was the third album by Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti under the moniker Vladislav Delay It compiles the Huone and Ranta 12″ EPs Ripatti released on Basic Channel’s Chain Reaction label in 1999 and 2000 The album features six hauntingly murky dub ambient tracks and the impressive 22-minute techno odyssey “Huone” 20...
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