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    Following on from Luca Lozano's recently super sold out 'Junglish Massive' tape cassette mix comes the first in a new sub-division from the Klasse Wrecks family Ruf Kutz' owner Ruf Dug and Klasse label owner Lozano throw up two tracks each, Lozano taking a slower 150bpm approach to some classic Jungle riddims whilst Ruffy...
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    Luca Lozano spent the 2020 lockdown sharpening his tools, using the time off from traveling and DJing to re-center and re-vise As the pace of life slowed, so did the BPMs and the Klasse Wrecks boss sought refuge in the distraction that the studio and the creative practice can offer 'Lozano 20' may sound like the producer shifting...

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